- Fabio Guarriello


Fabio Guarriello was born in a small town near Caserta,Italy. Music flows in his veins since early childhood - after a few years of piano lessons he began to study electronic music. His first rhythms were made in kindergarten, then he moved to various clubs in his native region of Napoli. From year to year, the rooms were bigger, on the beach he could make the crowd go wild. He also began producing in 2011. The labels include: Yin Yang Records, Stick Recordings, Black Vision, DSR Digital and more... In 2014, an label was established together with his childhood friends: this was the birth of OPENMIND. 12/31/2013 played with SASHA CARASSI.On 21/07/2013 he played after the next FRANCOIS KEVORKIAN.In 2014 he moved to live in Bern (CH). Start playing at some party, on 10/02/17 with ABSOLUT TECHNO divides the consol with: JAY LUMEN, DRUMCOMPLEX. On 23/01/2016 he played at the Openmind party with PHIL KIERAN. 20/08/16 with PFIRTER. 26-08-17 with SETAOC MASS.09/03/2018 WE LOVE TECHNO Apocalypse @ Grosse Halle (Bern) with ADAM BEYER, ENRICO SANGIULIANO, EGBERT LIVE.14-07-18 OPENMIND 3 Anniversary with GARY BECK @ Malibu'(Baia Domizia)IT. 17-11-18 WE NEED TECHNO with MARCO BAILEY @ KUGL (St.Gallen)CH.