- David Moleon


David Moleón is an expert DJ and producer with 15 years of experience. It is common to see David share line ups with big names like DJ Pepo and Cristian Varela, who praise his immense creativity and talent as a producer. David has a special knack for producing hit tracks that have become essential parts of the sessions of Europe's most popular artists, including Ben Sims, Dj Pepo, Cristian Varela, Robert Natus, Eric Sneo, DJ Murphy, D.A.V.E The Drummer amongst others. Both his DJ sets on 3 turntables and his live- acts are examples of high- quality DJing, technical ability and force, making him a well-rounded DJ, and particularly the stand-out artist from the South of Spain. With over 50 records in the market, on labels such as Patterns, Submission, Cobra, Soul Access, Sp Series, Adult, etc. david has become the most prolific techno producer in Spain. In Europe, he's know as 'la joya española' (the Spanish jewel).