- Cristian Mhuler


Cristian Mhuler, DJ and electronic music producer born in Madrid on 84 and part specifically Galicia in Santiago de Compostela is one of the producers regarding techno music scene in the current consolidated djs Dj Murphy, Cristian Varela, Dj Pepo, Ben Sims, Paula Cazenave, A.Professor, Bas Mooy, Sergy Casttle and etc ... Their set are loaded with more groove sounds to more HardTechno more intense style with a unique technique more elegant style by clicking on the top Spanish geography rooms, their productions are a real sign of identity which include more electronic sounds always with that touch and HardTechno Techno Groove, references demonstrate its potential in the production editing on major labels in the current scene of Techno , Moop Up, Inspired Records, Xtiluxe Records, Valve Records.