- DJ Kloude


DJ KLOUDE BiographyBorn in 1972 in Marinha Grande, Portugal Kloude is theleading artist of the generation that emerged in the wake ofthe influence of electronic music in is country. Kloude startedover two decades as Dj/Promoter and over the last years asa Producer.Kloude has been seen performing in numerous events in hishomeland and in events worldwide. He is very pleased tohave been able to play alongside with artists such as, JeffMills, Dave Clark, Adam Beyer, Green Velvet, Dave Angel,Mark Spoon, Marco Bailey, Oscar Mullero, Marco Carola,Cristian Varela, A.Paul, Eric Powell among other great artists.With his first release on Naked Lunch Records, theelectronic music production has been a new challenge overthe last years. He has released many tracks on labels suchas, Naked Lunch, Válvula Records, Intuition Recordings,Guilhotina Records, Killacell Recordings, Platinium Records,Abstinence Records, GT Muzike, Techno Artillery,Stereophonic Recordings, Big Punch Records, LWRecordings, AK Recordings, Stars Traxx, Privatti Recordsand Núcleo Records.Actually Kloude can also be listened in his hour-long setswith musical styles such as House, Deep House, TechHouse and his main passion Techno, on his own RadioShows - Duplo Deck and Lusabeat.He is working now on new tracks for a near-future release,and continues his Dj carrier playing in Bars, Concerts,Festivals and Clubs in Portugal and all over the world.Mixes and tracks can be found on Soundcloud, Mixcloud,Facebook, Myspace and in online music stores.