- Dr. Gap


It so happened that from early childhood I stepped on the music tropu.Kogda I started listening to electronic music, I realized that this is my calling. Desire to write techno when I first heard the sound of the DJ and producer as Marco Bailey, in his former radio show Mishins. It was then that I realized that I can not spend a day without technology. When I finished school I started DJing, trying to learn all his secrets and techniques, in 2009, he made his debut in the club "Caribs" then, played in various clubs in the city andot her t owns of Ukraine, in 2010, I decided t o devot e himself to writing his own tracks. Probyval themselves in such styles as the Deep, techno - minimal, deep - techno, finally decided to stop on techno. I work with a label Ilisho Records, which promotes zanimaetsya underground, whose founder Yuriko Karpenko - my friend. In my work I try to show people the essence of the underground and its true beauty.A search for new musicians in the underground direction on all issues to contact me in PM, or else to the post - www.rizi @ yandex.ua