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Stampflok aka Kevin Wirth was born on 26.10.1992 in Überlingen / GermanyBetween the age of 14 - 15 years he visited his firsts minimal and techno partys in a club.At first he was more interested in minimal music, but then he realized immediately that techno was the music that represents himself, because this was the first music that let him drift over the dancefloor, without forcing his body to move. He like the dark basslines and hard kick drums in the beats and also the crazy electronic and distortion effects.Nevertheless, he never had the thoughts of producing or mixing this music by himself.In 2011, he got a program of a friend by chance in and only uses this to drive his boredom away. It was very difficult for him, because there was nobody who has teached him.Therefore he taught himself everything and began to create music like minimal style butevery following track is getting more into the techno genre.All his works he was uploading as free downloads with the pseudonym >> Junior's