- Torian


TORIAN a.k.a. dj torian, real name - Sergey Toryansky. He was born in 1994. A great musician a great DJ and sound producer. At an early age knew that music would become his vocation.When he was 7 years old, Sergei began to play the piano. We can say that from that moment, and musical career began TORIANa. Parents, friends and school teachers started talking about his talent for music. TORIAN first started doing remixes for different compositions, then, have gone theirown works. Just TORIAN not afraid to create a joint product, one of which, Love in t he rain, was creat ed along wit h Dj Shukshin. It was a successful operation. The track quickly became very popular and very well appreciated by DJs such as Dj Party-Zan, Dj Pasha Shock, DJ Dmitry Kozlov,DJKocmoc,etc. Estimates of creativity on the part of Sergei DJs made him believe in himself and he still found himself in the club music and has created such hits as Take this out, The sound of electronic, it's my style, Ecstasy. The first hit remixes TORIAN made on the composition OpusLive - Atomstation, Gesaffelstein - Cont rol Movement . And he mixes it's something. From them you get an explosion of emotions. Creating remixes for TORIAN - is a challenge to myself. The challenge DJ who always takes it with pleasure. He is one of the few who feel the mood of the dance floor, and charges him with his energy. Sergei is now engaged in producing his own tracks. I assure you, TORIAN do not even think to stop. Everyone has a great number of wonderful surprises.