- Antonio Brezza


Antonio Brezza (Anton Fedulov) – the Ukrainian DJ, the producer, A&R Manager the USA sound recording company TechTribal Recordings actively supporting Techno sounding in Worlwide.Since 2010 the appreciable person in such shops as Beatport, JunoDownload thanks to the works. Anton's works from the very beginning of his creativity differ the intellectuality, literacy and quality. The Internet of shop of electronic music Beatport not unitary got to the TOP 100 Techno of the best World.His tracks have supported sharks of the Ukrainian and world electronic scene, such as Spartaque (UA), Andi Vax (RU), Andrei Fiber (UA), Tesla (Ru), Tim Kay (UK), Haneef Al Raisi (UAE), Mays (UA) only for the first year of work.Now the active figure and the representative Ukrainian a scene techno in the world market.