- Chris Ecker


Austrian Techno artist CHRIS ECKER started his musicalcareer back in 1993. After a couple of years of djing at somenamed events like Danube Rave/Posthof Linz/AT; ClubCembran Linz/AT; Club Tunnel/Linz/AT; Club OXA/Z ürich;Resident for one year at Wildstyle/Wels/AT; SunflowerFestival/AT; Club Nova/AT and some other partys andevents he started to produce his own sounds with hardwareand followed his passion also as an producer back in 1999.He has a special talent for mixing sounds as a dj and alsoas an producer. His mixing styles are mostly hypnotic ,straight and with an industrial touch. His productions areoften mixed together in the same way the tracks he spinsare with some touch of groovy melodics. With years ofexperience in electronic music scene he focused producingin a very clear direction.Tracks are released on:Valvula Records3-BDigital Phunk RecordsWork Hard Play Hard RecordsStanch RecordsSimple MusikDark & Sonorous RecordsAutomat Records033RecordingzMinderSubwoofer Recordsand many more2010 he started with his partner in life and also knowntechno artist MISS ELECTRIC a very futuristic, stylish andexperimental project named EXTRAORDINARY.Finally not to forget CHRIS ECKER got the input to thesecond pseudonym (aka) ISoTRoPIc GAiN.ISoTRoPIc GAiN is reserved for the more faster Old SchoolTechno productions.