- Van Dexter


Italian music producer and Vinyl DJ since 1991, moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2016 1990 Started producing with an MS-DOS based 4channel sequencer. Acquired rst synth JEN XS1000 and sampler Korg DSM1, started using Cakewalk professional. Formed "Planet 9 from outer Space" with Virtu@ Kill@, LXDevil in 1992. 1993 the project was renamend into "Alienator". Focus on Hardcore and Speedcore. Organized and played at the famous Castle Raves in northern Italy. Collaboration with DJ Tao (Athanatos), DJ Natan (Utopia Innsbruck, Austria), organized the Techno / Hard Techno oriented „Oxygen Rave“ (1996-2004). Signed an exclusive contract with Seven Records / Strike Records Germany. Extended the collaboration with DJ Natan. Organized Carpe Noctem Events in collaboration with G&S and Cocoricò Riccione. In 2000 organized the Psy Trance oriented „Solaris“ Raves (northern Italy). Started using FL Studio, v 3.0. Focus on Psytrance and Techno. Released on the following labels: Frame Workxx Records Rotterdam, Strike Records Germany, Seven Records Germany, Label Worx Recordings UK, Nothing but Recordings UK,Hard B!tch Records Germany, Neurotoxin Cobra Records, Devil Terror Traxx, Evil Undertaker Traxx, Paranormal Traxx, Provocative Traxx, Minimal Killer Traxx, E-xtreme Hard Traxx, Underground V.I.P. Traxx, Oxonium Records, Oxonium Minimalistic Records, Dreamwave Traxx, Dream Sounds Factory.