- Gabby Diaz


The First Female Techno Producer and DJ in Ecuador.
She has been performing and organizing Techno events in Cuenca.
Also producing in the shadows for more than 6 years, her style involves dark melodies that combine Dark Wave Vampirism, the strength of Hardcore and the sub-realistic aspect of Acid, bringing Techno to its darkest rhythm and expression. 
Her rebellion led her to create several movements to help promote Underground Techno Artists and expand the scene, author of the first Techno music blog in Ecuador; darkwitchbitch.com and the creative mind behind Techno Culture, Techno Movement, Techno Girls & Techno Boys.
Founder of "MOOLLY MOOLLY", the 1st dark & Hard Techno Label in Ecuador. Considered Ecuador ́s " First Lady of Techno ".