- Yulian Goms


Yulian Goms Barcelona, 1984. Was born at the heart of a little dormitory townplaced a few km of the city. Years pass through and at the beginning of the 90'shis curiosity for music started to increase and to take shape, setting a clear trend to electronic music.His odyssey at the music circuit started in the 98, being in touch with a severalurban artists, here commence his plain learning under the command of a professionalstudio team. The following years; - The most difficult, describe who I am -. Years actingat clandestine clubs until fit to the size of Opium Mar BCN, Universal, Sutton The club TheMood House, among many others.In 2010 his career turns, therefore decides to overturn completely into production, wanderingin an Utopia of the several branches of electronic music, He'll meet big national and internationalproducers who contributes great variety and influence to his rhymes, until at the beginning of 2012,next to Oscar GS his tracks started to take strength and to be edited by them at thesize of Drum Good Recording, Feelthe8, retrude records, Subline records, FreshFormRecords.