- Rober Rodriguez


DJ and producer Rober Rodriguez was born in 1978 in Ourense (Spain). He became fascinated with electronical music – especially tech house – at a young age and soon started djing himself. He played in some smaller clubs and private parties in the North of Spain. At that time his sound was inspired by some of the big names in tech house scenes. But “only” djing wasn’t enough and so Rober Rodriguez followed his own ideas of tech house and started producing and experimenting with new sounds. In 2009 he met fellow DJ Juan Chousa and they decided to work together – and they still do today, in Innowave Studios. Rober Rodriguez first production “Monografía” was released in May 2011 on Nvidia Sound Factory together with Dejan Milicevic, Juan Chousa and Kanike. In november 2011 he also got to know Indy Lopez and became an artist of his label Musiczone Digital. Rober Rodriguez first EP called “Madriles” was just released by end of November. Now he works in new t racks for different labels.....