- Daft Steve


Steven Alexander Rengifo AKA Daft Steve, was born in Pereira, Colombia on September 9, 1992, electronic music lover since age 10. Begins to build its first production in April 2010. His taste for electronic music is tilted toward the Trance and Progressive, being so its kind of influence. It has good support from national and international artists, their tracks are very melodic, energetic and friendly ear. Today decided to create a new pseudonym which is "LeksTone" which will continue using their tracks with his artistic name "Daft Steve."This artist along with a fellow named Miguel Rios, make a duo called "Leadon Brothers," created in the year 2011, gives a lot to talk about these two young talented producers in the genre Progressive. EKD Music is a musical group created in Pereira / Colombia, which is designed to promote music producers Daft Steve and Miguel Rios, which are members of this band. EKD Music is a long term project, Which will grow and Formed through time and Experiences That will go getting These two artists.