- Samantha Nova


Samantha Nova, N.E.O.N, Vinne and Malik Mustache released their EDM underground hit release with “Rock U”. Since the August 2015 release date it has garnered 4.5 million+ streams on Spotify and to this day, still has thousands of daily streams on Spotify and SoundCloud. (And those are only the ones we know about..) Rock U remained on the Beatport indie dance/nu-disco chart for months, creeping into the number 2 spot - one step away from that number one title... The song continues to find worldwide attention, focused in Brazil and then spreading across the oceans to far away lands. It has sub-released numerous times on various artist releases. Rock U was written by Samantha Nova and Alex Marx (N.E.O.N.). Alex contacted Samantha with a hook for a song he and Vinne had been working on at the time. Samantha came up with a simple and straightforward verse that added fuel to the fire, wrote and recorded the vocals in her own home studio within a couple hours. Then sent them through to the guys down in Brazil all the way from Canada - once the Malik Mustache duo added their own flavour to the mix, Kazaam! Rock U was born that very day. Currently standing at 4.5 million+ streams on Spotify <3 2018 brings a string of new releases! Check of January's release Dress Me and Feb/March's release Rich (including a killer remix by Fenk). Soon Samantha Nova, Evoxx, Fenk will release another club fire track... The single "Diamonds" drops in May with another big bass remix!