Key Commands
 - Lau Frank


Lau Frank is outstanding as an artist adding in his sets different sub. electronic styles.He was influenced by the Pop and Rock of the nineties; the first steps of his career were given in his adolescence, musicalizing discoteques and events. He was seduced by the Jazz, Trip-hop and Ambient music, gradually changed his vocation when in 2002, he inclined to the House and the Techno.His first experience as a dj was made in a residence of four consecutive years. He was accepted by the public in the Slow Night Club. He played in many and recognized discoteques in the country such as; Sunset, Bella Roma, Pacha, and many others, sharing the cabin with outstanding local artists such as; JP Sgalia, Aldo Haydar, JL Gabin... Without enclosed in a specific genre, even though with specific favourite in House and Techno, he includes in his sets different House and Techno sub. styles.As an inquiet and perseverant producer, he goes on incorporating knowledge, going deeper and getting practice to manage a production, according to his musical experimental ideas. The main aim for him in a song is to generate interest and provoke positive and pleasants ens ations .