- Manuele Costi


Manuele CostiBorn in Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna, 15 November 1990, and has always been known by everyone as Manu.His career began in 2009 thanks to his best friend and current partner Davide Di Blasi with whom he started to select music tech-house and house. A short time later began playing at private parties and pubs as the Planet Cafe (Reggio Emilia).In 2010, he played in several clubs like Villa Giulia (St. Hilary), Veronika (Parma), Casale (Reggio Emilia) and start selecting music from the electronic sound that still still takes part in his DJ sets.Also in 2010, David Manuel and form the LokoFusion Lab at the Risto-Pub Karma of Reggio Emilia organizes every Friday evening Freak n'Chic and together they embarked on the road of production.After properly exercised in the production, she started working at various record labels where they are attributed to the good young dj entertainment capabilities in the field of music.In early 2011, began to refine his taste in the selection of music beginning to propose Deep-house that still sought still fits in his dj sets in clubs Emilia while maintaining the sound tech-house / House.He continues to bring his music productions and his DJ sets in various clubs continuing to refine his techniques.