- DanVee


DanVee started mixing and producing house music in the early 90's. AS a duo with M-Jay , they released several hardcore and happy hardcore tracks.The real hardcore fans recognize the sound of M-Jay & DanVee. With songs as "The sun always shines" and "Burning up" they produced legendary tracks which still be played at the scene.They also made a remix of Speedcity which was released on the Old School Hardcore album of Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo. After a couple of years and experimenting with different styles DanVee got stuck into the deep sounds. Inspirirated by Terry Lee Brown's Terry's Cafe he started to hit the decks with Deep- and Tech House. In 2008 he started a digital label with his twin brother called Twintraxx Records. With this label they tried to let new young artist drop their music into the world. In 2010 they stopped with Twintraxx. Now in 2012 DanVee produces some new hot Deep House productions. His brother Mike-Vee is more into techno , progressive and tech.