- Chris Sane


Danish Dj & Producer - knew already at the age of three that music fills the soul with extreme joy. His deep passion for music only developed further as he grew older, often he would be found by family members, fast asleep at parties, only an inch away from the blasting of loudspeakers! At the age of 12 his passion for music really started taking off – Chris took on DJ jobs, bringing his own mobile disco to the party. From this point on it all developed naturally and quickly for Chris towards production of electronic music. Several years of experience and good advice from - among many others - Danish DJ Chris Minus, Jack Marone and Tim Andresen, helped open Chris’ eyes to Deep House, Tech House, Techno, etc. He sat his targets high and worked hard in the years to come in order to find his own personal sound, which today he has...!! Chris Sane has delivered sets to DV FM, The House Factory and others as well as presented terrific music at a great number of discos, clubs, parties, bars/cocktail bars, etc. He remains focused, aiming at present and ahead at several great productions in the genres Deep House and Tech House.