- Vito Fattore


Vito Fattore was born in Lanciano on 23.09.1987 then growing in the nearby Villa Romagnoli, cradle of his genius and his talent in house music. Always fond of the genre,begins his adventure as a DJ at age 14, jostling to be part of the premises in the area frentana, where he came to be part of it without a hitch thanks to its capacity and its determination that always accompany it. Equipped with the right numbers, has all the credentials to pursue his passion and in fact the findings are seen immediately, so much so that over the years accumulated experience and collect valuable collaborations with many important DJs of the caliber of THOMAS SCHUMACHER, CIRILLO , FRANZ E SHAPE, MASSIMINO LIPPOLI, FLAVO VECCHI…so far as RALF ,PIRUPA,LEON, ROMANO ALFIERI, NEGRU, NICE 7,IVAN IACOBUCCI, SERGIO FERNANDEZ, MASS PROD, DANILO VIGORITO.