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Gasper Pavlic or G8 is a techno producer and DJ with his own crazy style. His first real interests in music go back in the year 2000 when he was looking for good trance music and he decided to buy two Technics turntables and mixer and started mixing.He discovered various styles of electronic music, from house to hard techno but then in 2005 he decided that he would like to find his own sound, so he began wit h his own product ion.The love for techno music grew and grew every day so he began making his own tracks and in a couple of years he found the style that he was looking for. The tracks that he makes consist of melodic and rhythmic elements that drive you to the limit with some uplifting sounds that you will never forget.In his sets he plays a lot of mashups, and the sets are filled with pure energy and groove. G8 tracks are focused on these labels : Adult Records, Intuition Recordings PT, Capital Techno. In the future don't forget about this guy, he has some more great surprises for you .