- Elvis Xhema


Progressive Techno up coming Star Elvis XhemaElvis Xhema (Jema) was born in Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)He began production of his own songs in his youth and showed his love for the c lassical Techno - Tech House rhythmic sound.Showing excellent tuning, Elvis Xhema is not only known for his unique Technu but also his accessibility with any other genre.Producer and DJ moving between techno, tech house and hard technoKnown also as Carl Cox TT Revolution Finalist 2016 and Top 10 Miller 2016, where his mixes got the attention of the big names of the electronic scene.Much based on the production for several years and in 2017- 2018 yearsElvis Xhema puts in his signatureYin Yang Records, Society Music Recordings, M Techno Records (BiH), Techno logical Records, Superordinate, Mazzinga Records, Profunda Intellectus Record s, Creptonit Records, No Status Records, Gauntlet Records, Frame Workxx Rec ords and others who will soon be in the future knownHuman Design EP Yin Yang released on the Top 10 Hard Techno Chart chart at BeatportAs a member of Yin Yang Records with another EP, he gets massive support fro m superstars such as:Richie Hawtin - Paul Oakenfold- Cristian Varela- Paco Osuna- Luigi Madonna- P edro Delgardo Anderson Noise- Christopher Lawrence- Mark Sherry and many o thers ..And currently quoted in the top 100 Hard Techno Produced BeatStats