- Changes


DJ,PRODUCER,REMIXER at :- Recoverworld Label Group, Pharmacy Music.There`s a few Slovenian music producers and performers from psychedelic electronic genre, which can praise themselves with such renome as Changes a.k.a. G8 can. With gigs all the way from Europe to South America and support from artists such as Paul van Dyke, Sean Tyas, James Dymond, Indecent Noise, Sonic Sense, Side Effects, Solaris Vibe, Hassan Jewel, Ian Standerwick, Champa/Dj Prozac and many more, he has provided himself a place among best of endemic music artists at the moment. His gigs are well known for energetic performance and technical skills, which would be a sense of pride even for a master of related electronic music genre. As at the mixer, he is equally sovereign at the studio. In fact, it`s unfair to try to describe a phenomena such as Changes only with words. Because of that, only a personal experience is a proper way to percept this unique music experience.