- Cristian Ketelaars


Without a doubt Cristian Ketelaars is one of the most promising upcoming Polish trance DJ. Although he’s only 20, the young man stands out with his passion and perseverance in the pursuit of perfection. Last year he was ranked 4th in the Polish DJs poll at TheDjList.com.Among the hundreds of artists it is really hard to find someone as distinctive in style or technique of playing as Cristian. 4 CDJs performances allow him to show his maximum involvement and professional skills, yet combining various musical genres with characteristic sounds from CK brand makes these shows unique. Poznań based Ketelaars always tries to reach over the standards and norms in his field by adding unexpected and unique elements in electronic dance music. Improvisation during the sets, live mash-ups, sampling, loops or even scratching, together with an unusual crowd contact filled with energy and commitment, are truly memorable events. In the repertoire of Cristian Ketelaars we can find special private tracks and works, especially his authorship, that do not appear in any other DJ’s cd wallet. All these elements of his sets stand out significantly from the rest of musical environment.