- Zach Zlov


Zach Zlov, an artist shaped to the old way. Techy moods, driving basslines, tingling melodies and the magnificent atmosphere developed in any of his tracks are all elements capable of infilter in your mind, giving you instant emotions that can divert from the deepest enjoyment to the highest state of euphoria.The sound designer of nightmares quickly caused a shock with the refined underground sounds of 'Spellbound' which has wrecked dancefloors by the hands of Simon Patterson at Subculture Melbourne, Open Up 150 Toronto, Dreamstate San Francisco and pretty much everywhere else the legendary DJ plays a set nowadays!Starting his path with only a couple of releases at Brain Mapping, Discover Dark, Discover White and Tangled Audio that, besides Patterson himself, have also made their way to the playlist of Davey Asprey, Paul Trainer, Johan Ekman, Ozzy XPM, Oberon, and tons others... the plot just darkens for what's yet to come out of Zach Zlov's wicked mind.-Julio (Road Elf)-