- Jano


T he highly expected Jano is Alejandro Lecona the firstMexican artist in join to one of the top labels in IsraelPhonokol Records in the 2009, He released his album called“Space Fashion” with a great demand and collaborationswith top artists in the industry.Today Jano has become one of the top Artists in Mexico witha very powerful style and basses.After the recently remix to the superstar Dj Yahel – LiquidLove, and some collaborations with Switch, Harmonika,White Noise, Solaris and Aquatica, he grow fast and wrap ina constant work with a perfectly sound and mix, expecting todestroy every dance floor in the world with an amazing tracklist, He released some EPs in one of the biggest Israel toplabels "Utopia Records " with amazing demand and sucessin all the world.