- Alex Jockey


Alex Jockey is Colombian artist born and raised in Bogotá and considered one of the new rising talents to look ahead in South America. Blending avant garde sounds with authentic old school vibes through a unique style, got him attention from such respected labels His sets and music explores all techno textures granting a positive experience in the dance oor where is always embraced by crowd.story is only beginning. Identity and spirit behind playing or producing is fundamental for him, as it is clear in his mind that a true artist gotta transmit some kind of speech as also emotions with own imprint. But besides being and excellent artists, he is an axis for national scene growing where he is constantly pushing beats through streaming radio REC (Radio Electroìnica Colombiana). Between his gigs, producing at his studio, directing the radio streaming station, organize events and co-managing Techsound Recs, Alex Jockey it’s an easygoing person who enjoys the job and got no mayor pretentions beyond going where his music takes him. This is why he keeps a clear direction on his ideas and never forgets where he comes from, a simple charm that enlarges his personality and step him aside others. Watch out with what’s coming south of the world with Alex Jockey, this story is only beginning.