- Krafteck


Krafteck made their first musical compositions back in 2014 at an age of 15 and 16. The in Bern (Switzerland) based techno musician duo fell in love with the deep driving and heavy sound of the underground.Quickly they released their first tracks and started playing in various clubs all across the country exception some gigs in Germany. Getting recognized from various music lables such as Hungry Koala, Drugstore, Hot Hat, Doubsquare Records and many more.At the beginning of the year 2016 Krafteck got enough from the genre ̈Minimal ̈ and started to produce Techno music. Fast they could sign on techno labels such as Fervour, Beat Yourself, Reload Records, Funk'n Deep Records and Dark Vibe Productions.Krafteck producing their tracks after the posy: ̈Techno is the perfect definition of the undefine. ̈Their music is freed from every mainstream influence and will delight your senses with its unique compositions.