- Fomatic


Dutch based Fomatic produces electronic music for quite some time. Currently his productions are flowing through the emotional layers of techno and electronica in search of musical purity. In 2008 he released his first album Inflow on Belgian label u-cover. He focused on deep chilled electronica with strong melodies and warmth. This album was well received in the scene. Fomatic productions improved and he appeared on several compilations. In 2011 his second album Chimera was released, again on u-cover. Though he focussed on electronica-productions, Fomatic’s roots actually lie in techno. In the early 90's he closely followed the rise of electronic music. He bought records, discovered his musical talents, and was DJ-ing at various locations. He also got interested in other genres, like Drum n Bass. However, he always searched for warmth and purity in these genres. Nowadays he is producing tracks in both techno and electronica. His recognizable sound is present in every production.