- German Valley


Always attracted by electronic music from an early age, German Valley decided to start professionally her DJ career in the year 2003 after buy his first pair of turntables and a couple of vinyls, he starts to learn and evolve fast every day until 2008, year in which is attracted by the field of music creation, starting to study image and sound technician to expand their knowledge and be trained as a musician.After more than 10 years as an fan of electronic music and music producer, German has evolved their sound and technique passing over the years by a wide variety of styles having learned a lot of this, nowadays he works on techno and tech-house music with underground-character, dark atmospheres, energetic grooves and forceful punch who is being viewed reflected in his latest sets and productions today.Some of his tracks have been played in clubs and festivals such as Time Warp (Netherlands), Space (Ibiza), 5iunto (Brazil), Cocoricò (Italy), BPM Festival (Mexico) or Forsage Club (Ukraine) by artists like Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Umek, Marco Bailey, Sinisa Tamamovic, Spartaque or Hollen among many others ...In mid-2011 he decided to start his own digital label called "Ultradrum Records" with another young producer and friend named "Alex Smott", in which they hope to publish tracks of the best emerging talents from the underground scene, working with national and international artists such as Alberto Ruiz, Skober, D-Unity, Lutzenkirchen, Avgusto, Alex Mine, Pascal Nuzzo, Subjects, Gene Karz, Jose.M & Tacoman, Tony Dee, Dema, A + +, Johann Smog, Cesar Martinez, Robert Guerrero, Quantum Computer Code and many others...