- Osman Villamizar


Producer Dj Osman Villamizar known to all as (Osman V.) born in the city of Caracas, Venezuela.He began his career in 2010, starting to play at one of the most prestigious venues in the city. He began his career as a dj producer in 2012, once started in this world, inspired his first starts producing excellent themes sponsored by national and international labels (Underground Avenue Records, Music Freak Frame, Moonshake Records, Artillerycrewrecords, Oceanic Recordings, People Tech Records, Energy Music, Music Sonika, Yaiza Records). Then osman time becomes increasingly demanding in their productions resulting in a variety of techno and tech house Minimal progressive, well-crafted for the most demanding ears. One of its victories will be seen when a recognized organization in the country that supports electronic contact moved it to participate in the annual release of blissful disco (Venezuela Electronics).Currently being a resident dj in the city, I had the good fortune to work and know that for many artists are very supportive, Osman has faced a rigorous public that has managed to meet musically. It has a large agenda through various event organizers.And finally it has set a mission and a vision, ever go further, grow personally and musically.