- Mahmut Orhan


Mahmut Orhan was born in Bursa, Turkey on 11rd of January 1993. He started his dj life when he was 16 years old. 2012 settled in Istanbul from.With his interest in electronical music, Mahmut started to deal withproduction in his career lately and, with many music company and inmany styles he took a step into music markets in 2011. Mahmut Orhan, progressive house and deep house with Boral kibil prepared the pieces.In 2012, some of his projects aresupported by famous djs like Matt Darey and Markus Schulz and gave hima place in their sets.Mahmut Orhan underground music world, has worked and still working with ArmadaMusic, Deepsession Recordings, Mistique Music, Stellar Fountain,Underground City Music, One Sound Records, A B P, Volt9 Records , Tantrum Logo , Vinyl Loops Records , Scarecrow Music , Celebration . Mahmut, advancing step by step for his purposes, always works for being better.