- Francois (Italy)


Music is his passion born in 2003 thanks to some parties with friends in some garages in the area beginning to be well known until he lands in one of the most important club of the Province: T he Pacha of Alcamo Marina (T p).It will remain there as a resident DJ for two years (2005- 2007) .... then begin to turn to the best local places of western Sicily (2007-2008) In the constant pursuit of his musical line in 2008 became part of Sicily Event bringing his sets around the province since arriving at Boccaccio Fashion Club collecting and refining new techniques made ? ?mixing the best in his live independently and so continues to persevere in the objective of finding an ideal sound! Three years later (2011) decided to enter the world of production digital publishing his first EP in January 2013 entitled: "One night in a jazz club" incorporating different sounds into three original tracks published by Aki Recordings continuing to pursue its philosophy: Noise is always right!