- Jorge Ballesteros


Dj/Producer/Songwriter/Music AdapterHis professional career stared as a songwriter and musicadapter in 1987, when he began to work at ibymusic with hisfather D. Ignacio Ballesteros Diaz an internationalrecognized songwriter and music adapter. T hosecollaborations have helped him to get on his way toelectronic music.Jorge has made lyrics for artists like: Alejandro Sanz -Sergio Dalma - Irene Grandi - Paolo Vallesi - GianlucaGrignani - Nek - Andrea Bocelli - Negramaro - Elisa - LauraPausini... etc.Won an ASCAP Award in 2010 for the lyrics “EN CAMBIONO” by Laura Pausini.As a DJ, his passion for music and luck takes him toperform for first time in 1998 at “La vieja Estación” in Madrid.One of the resident Dj’s brings him the chance to play andafter that performance he became resident too. Actually hestill adapting, writing, producing and besides, spinning thevynils.Jb assumes a little bit of these artists influence: MarcoCarola Satoshi, Cox, Farfa and Steve Lawler among others,mixing it in a vibrant and exquisite style that makes you,inevitably, dance. More than a decade of experience hasgiven him the technique but his real allies are his fine tasteand the coherence of his permormance that marks thedifference when he`s on the booth. He`s id genre isTechnohouse but it goes from ambient to techno passingthrough House, Minimal, Electro, Deep and always with afresh twist of Tribal and Vocalhouse, always developing aconnection with the crowd and where fun is granted.For more details, please visit:http://www.ibymusic.com/jorgeballesterosFacebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jorge-Ballesteros-aka-Japo/207238925953278Twiter: https://twitter.com/jballesteros70