- Mazel Source


Mazel Source is a french producer, from south of France, who try to create a new soup with a minimal house base. He was influenced on his chilhood by a french radio show called "Better Days", dicovering all the best soulful house from USA, France, ...Listening to some Kiki and Mandy sets on techno festivals, he prefered try to make music into the dark side, with wet atmos', techno rythms, and some experiments on backgrounds and melodies.His first release came thanks to a remix contest organised by FOEM and the famous italian dj RINO CERRONE. Actually, 'Exnovo' ( Mazel Source remix ) is one of the best sellers on Rilis Records, also played by Richie Hawtin.After winning several contests on the same site ( FOEM ), he started a carrier with his own productions, with 2 EP signed on Architronica Records: "Baysak St reet EP" and "Six Feet Under EP".On his influences, we can find Konrad Black, Someone Else, Magda, Slam, Maetrik, Secret Cinema, Minicoolboyz ... He's able to offer a very dark techno, with his friend HERTZMAN, and also he can change his mind playing with house or deep house elements.We find his name on HARTHOUSE, PLUNK!, AL DENTE RECORDS, LETHAL DOSE RECORDINGS, APPAREL, TRACER RECORDS, PLASTIK.FM, WIDE ANGLE RECORDING, CINEMATIQUE ....