- Quantic Spectroscopy


From Spectroscopy, the study of the interaction between matter and radiated energy. Quantic Spectroscopy is the study of the fundamentals of what matter and energy produce in Techno music. For Quantic Spectroscopy, Techno is analyzed as a spectrum of sounds and different types of matter that togheter combined do the sounds of their mind. Dark ambiences mixed with small rays of colorful sound in other dimensions, creating textures and new physical relations in sound.The dynamic duo is based in a long relationship of two guys (Gustavo Lima and Ivo Polónia) from Oporto, Portugal who want to create and make a difference in the Electronic Music scene with their own specific vision of Techno.Supported from major artists like BCR Boys, Delko, iFormat, Mat The Zone, Luke Creed, 3phazegenerator, Chris Liebing, Audio Injection, Woo York, Electrorites, Peder, Patrick DSP, Hugo Paixão, Dr. Hoffmann, Blood and Tears and others!