- Aima


Aima is a duet from 2 people Smirnov Sergey and Andrey Afanasyev. The project is created not so long ago, at t he beginning of February, 2012. For t oday of Aima I started entering into the world of the Techno of culture as let out not how many Ep and as did many remixes on not able people gradually already a lit t le! As Aima not badly fitted into Naughty Pills Records and Platinium Records label from where started on earning support from cool techno of dJ. There is a duet a little therefore not so many works, but nevertheless a duet don't sit in place and try to be given to the maximum on production of the tracks. In the tracks children try to use dark sounds, construction and factory noise! Style at guys of Uncompromising. Dark. Atmospheric. Techno!