- Hernan Bass


From Buenos Aires, Hernan Bass is a well-known talented producer at the deep minimal global scene and founder of Krad Records. Until this day, he keeps playing at clubs from different countries as Germany, Belgica, Greece, Hungary, Argentina, Portugal, France, Cape Town, Johanesburg, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Italy, Spain(Ibiza) and rest of Europe, also many radio shows coming up.Labels like Innocent Music, Little Helpers, Baile Musik, Yoruba Grooves, P.u.n.c.h.i.s, Frucht, Minim.all , Music Kollektiv, Lethal Scritp/Dose, Italo Bussines and more have released his music, also vinyls at Der Hut, La Boheme Records, FineFood Rec.Currently it is ranked among the top 100 best-selling artists in the genre minimal beatport and He has been remixed as they have remixed artists like Aney F., Basti Grub, Maksim Dark, Dani Sbert, Dualism, Duky, Carbon, Kaitaro, Mikhail Kobzar, Tripio X, Enzo Leep, Pablo Denegri & Qik, Ben Teufel, Sonartek, Benjamin Fehr, Michael KohlbeckerHis productions were used for several well-recognized dj’s. and always continues in his search for a clean and unique sound on his music, constantly evolving.