Key Commands
 - Marek Tejchik


Representative of "an abstract of the underground sound of the" new wave. Sound producer and disc jockey. Marek creativity have no boundaries, as in fact the universe has no boundaries,this is reflected in his music that he began to produce not so long ago, but in this case it is far from being a novice friends. His tracks are always hidden mystery and predictability, never clear until the end of which the sound will be a second.This also catches the sound of his listeners. In his dj setah he does not want to play only the newest stuff for him promising to find the music that is stale in the bowels of the subway, and which can be the really amazing .Will it detroit techno? micro house? an experimental minimal? anyone until the end will not be clear until the end of his pack Marek soon open its label Weltraum Recordingz which he intends to surprise the European listener, and create a unique style of the label