- Stephan Barnem


Stephan Barnem is a brazilian-italian electronic music producer and also what people commonly call a DJ, but he prefers define himself as a performer. The reason of calling himself a performer is because first of all he does not use any discs since all the music he plays comes from his laptops, secondly because he does not simply “mix” one track to the other, but his sets are a continue mash-up of loops, vocals and sounds that come from the synthesizers he runs on Ableton Live.His productions have been on the top charts for several times, either on Beatport ,Juno Download and the other music download platforms.He has released on some of the lead labels around such as: Autist Records, Sleaze Records, Attary, FlatBelly and of course his own Divided and Un-Ted.Stephan has been around Europe playing his sets in Berlin, Milan, Belgrade, Novi Sad and many more places including Kosovo and Spain.Renowned dj’s such as Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce, Alan Fitzpatrick, Stephan Bodzin, Gary Beck and an ongoing list have supported and played Stephan Barnem’s tracks in front of the biggest crowds.