- Patrik Soderbom


From Gothenburg in Sweden you can hear some minimal playing, the soundis coming from Patrik Soderbom for sure. He is 24 years old and he releases his music under Bosphorus Underground, Sode Records & Droplet Music.He have entered on the Top 100 Minimal Chart on Beatport with alot of tracks, for example:11 "Bad Girl", 11 "Alcohol",28 "Mnml Groove", 30 "Zyklus",38 "Capo", 40 "Last Chance",50 "Minimal Planet", 50 "Brainwasher" and 67 "Good Evening".People recognize him for his unique style with a plastic & clicking percussion, vocal cuts and big basslines. Remixes from Alex Young, Mario Miranda, Avrosse and Matteo Poker. Collaborations with Manel Diaz, Manu Sami, Angelo Dore and Fabio Miotto.T he future looks bright for this young man, and the tracks are coming like bombs from the sky, so take cover but keep your ears open.2012 he started his own minimal label, Sode Records. A small label with big producers.