- Humankind


Born in 1978, in Madrid Spain, HUMANKIND (aka D-Nemesis) started his dj career 1993. He has played at the most important clubs in Spain and also played at several big events in Brazil. Having 18 years of DJ experience his sets are deep, with aslow but constant progression that wraps the public into a dark and hypnotic trip. He started producing in 2010 and within monthsHe was getting noticed by labels. His sound Is dark and eclectic, with just enough groove to keep the party going. He is also involved in with many artists on the rise such as: • Eduardo de la calle • Maksim Dark • Kostas Maskalides • Mike Wall• Human Halo • Niereich• Felix Lorusso • Hefty• Monktec • Minimum • Minimatronik • Meiko Unconscious laws • Paul-D-lewis • Foobar• and many others