- Civil Disorder


Civil Disorder is the international duo Chris Coles (UK) &Pavel Claudiu ( RO ), both being notorious for theirexcessive passion for parties, events and a knack ofproducing a sound that people can remember.They joined forces to present a mighty double dose of upto-date Progressive sound, so it's no wonder that Chris &Pavel aka Civil Disorder hit the dance Floors with a hugeimpact from the very first moment.They found that both already had a great background asmusicians and a lot of experience that would forge thesound that defines them as a Deep-Dark-Driving-Progressive duo with relentless offbeat heart poundingrhythms !Both Chris & Pavel have history when it comes to the musicscene with each capable of Dj'ing and composing variousgenres of music.As far back as the late 90's to the present day both havehad music released on various records labels workingalongside some big names and playing at some of the bestvenues in Europe including Scotland, London, Milan..to namea few... Ministry of Sound...T heEgg..Uprising..Revolution...Nosebleed..Niche..Land of Tranceand Rave O'Lution founded by themselves, alongside hugenames such as Dutch Giants, DASH BERLIN, SNAT T & VIX(Armada Music), Ben Fraser(Sabretooth Records) and thelist just can go on!Both having extensive radio play on VibeFm, Radio1,Trance&Dance Radio, Romanian Radio plus variousPodcasts,for sure you'll agree the Duo have quite somepedigree between them.But this is something new, fresh, innovative... get ready..thisis...Civil Disorder!