Key Commands
 - Julian Meinke


Julian Meinke has always strived to experience new soundscapes and harness notes into harmony, in 2011 he channeled exactly those talents and began to DJ and produce. As a DJ he combines vibrant, yet dark rhythms with loud booming bass lines and takes the crowd on a journey he has conjured. When producing, he meticulously creates melodic and hypnotic tracks which when played formulate their own story. His music will win you over with electrifying beats, mysterious melodies and natural sounds, which are his forte. His ability to invigorate emotion within every single of his listeners through his dynamic music is indeed his art and skill. Julian Meinke who originates from Germany, where he first came into touch with dark techno, was however resident at various event series in London, beginning with Audiolab London and La Bibiche then moving to Outoplay and 909 stories in Münster Germany as well as playing regulary at the Tanz.T.Raum events in munich. This has enabled him to concentrate more on his productions and follow his individual style. His freshness and stimulating music combined with the support of his fans and various artists, Julian Meinke definitely has the prerequisites to leave a mark in the music scene.