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 - Haber


"I'm a weird kid, with a big dream and I'll never have it in me to give up"Haber (Dylan Jack Haber), is a Melbourne DJ/Producer from a small country town named Riddells Creek who began his musical journey in his childhood.At only 15, Dylan landed his first club gig through 'Mischief Makers Entertainment' at Korova Milkbar. "The feeling I had taking those first steps into Korova, I'll cherish forever". Dylan was very motivated and was prepared to work very hard to make sure he keeps getting gigs in the clubs.Finally, Dylan turned 18 and was able to discover the musical nightlife. Exploring different venues, he discovered that Psychedelic Trance and Techno became the genres of his liking.In only four years producing, hed proudly produced one album and multiple singles. He also managed to overcome a fear of flying to play all around the country and even internationally at 'Club Mass' in Seoul South Korea.At the age of 20, Dylan decided to explore and experiment with his music.Hed learnt that music is "limitless", that there's nothing to be afraid of when creating music and that he only had to impress himself - to strive to create the music that he loved; that made him happy.So whats 2018 going to bring to 21 year old Dylan? He is eager and ambitious, feeling grateful to have such amazing people around him who have helped him along the way and an even bigger desire to work to keep working hard to reach his dreams. With all his knowledge that he's gained over the past 6 years, Dylan has fused it all together to create a unique, high energy and spectacular style in the music scene.His music of today would best be described as - "Progressive/High-Tech/Minimal"With his second album on the way and other big plans for the rest of 2018, the future of Haber is set to be an insane ride; the excitement for the journey ahead will never leave him.