- Steven King


He is one of the maximum exponents of the electronic music in the whole Colombian territory, taking part in the best RAVES organized in the country as Overseas Festival, Mission Festival of the Lake Calima, love and heat of tropical cocktails and Summer Dance Festival. It would be of mas to mention the presentations and cities in where this been dj ah guest, all of great importance for, of which it is necessary to highlight the cardinal cities of Colombia and his presentations worldwide in top of this (Uruguay) and good airs Argentine. On the national level it was resident of the best two and mas recognized like they are An Amnesia Club in Cartagena and Gothic Bogota, for which one please very much all the persons who of one or another way have offered to him his support. This Dj Productor Native of Cartagena has taken his musical creations all over the world, stamping on each of them the power and energy that characterizes it occupying important places in the Charts of stamps recognized in Beatport as: SAS [South American Sound], Sheeva Records, Technical Deejays, Footlovers Music, between others. In 2006 manager penetrates like label creating his own record stamp " TECHNICAL DEEJAYS RECORDS " offering to him the opportunity to new and unknown national talents which ah led to being positioned as the mas recognized worldwide thanks to the Dj's that they inform and to the productions of high quality that offers the public.