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 - Christopher Kah


Christopher Kah is a multidisciplinary electronic music producer and performer from France. He mastered the art of sound design and his performance on stage is always an evolving concept of dj-ing, synthesizers, drumcomputers and samplers. His music is focused on the darker side of techno and house, with fresh and unique sounding deep grooving basslines, haunting riffs and moody pads.Christopher has 10 years of Classical & Jazz music experience as an organ player. When he started to producing in 2001, it was a revelation for for him. ‘With electronic music you have unlimited bank of sounds and I believe we capture sounds from space, and then render them to the people’. At his first gig in 2005 he remembers being given a note from someone in the audience which said: ‘Thanks for the trip’. That is what Christopher had in mind, making people travel through his story.His productions and remixes have appeared on a number of major labels including International Gigolo Records, Cr2 and Get Physical Music and are played and supported by established artists such as Laurent Garnier, Dr Motte & Dave Clarke. As one of the few people he collaborated with DJ Hell for more than 2 years what resulted in many tracks and remixes.