- Mike Spaccavento


Mike Spaccavento was born in Molfetta, near Bari, on Jannuary 02 1988. He was only eleven years old when he discovered his passion for music and began composing his own with the help of modern technology. While still very young his attraction drew him towards exploring a new field of music completely different from what was known as commercial music. He first approached what was called Trance music, which represented a “complete type of music” to him at that time (melodies, energetic percussions, strong accelerated rythms). His productions would never be released as he was still young (13-15 years old) and unprepared. Leter on Mike showed interest in Techno and House music. During 2005 he listened to dj sets of artists such as Trentemoller who would have became his “idol amoung the idols”. Afterwards he began producing Electro- House, Techno and Minimal music basing on the experience he had gathered along the years from the different fields he had explored. Finally on October 8, 2007 he released his firtst production in digital “Gloom EP”.