- Faxi Nadu


Faxi Nadu music features philosophical musings presented through psytrance stories. Exploring human nature and the interaction of past and future - part space exploration and part forgotten elven bard songs. Faxi Nadu is Yaron Eshkar, born 1983, citizen of planet earth and living in Israel. Producing music since 2000. Influenced greatly by subjects of anthropology, history, imagination and the science fiction culture presenting a unique approach to psytrance. Groovy, pounding night-time music, as well as tracks with more than an ounce of good humor and morning melodica. At times mad and twisted, at times constructed and progresive, while always very psychedelic , atmospheric and experimental. Obvious Goa, Dark, Prog, Techno and Suomisaundi influences, with a distinct, personal feel - Faxi Nadu is sure to send your feet stomping and your mind to other planets. Faxi Nadu produces various forms of music and is or has been involved in a number of projects including D-Fault (experimental/IDM), CW Sluts (trance/techno), Cider Groove (IDM/ glitch) and Elmooht (ambient/experimental). Faxi also runs the netlabel Postunder Records, a non genre based electronic music label, and has hosted a psytrance radio show on Israeli local radio. Faxi Nadu has been activly releasing music for many years. A number of Faxi Nadu releases and side projects can be found on the net through various outlets and labels.