- Roby Mannarini


Roby Mannarini was born in Taranto, Italy in 1972. With over 20 of experience as a DJ, Musician, and Producer, Roby's music has found a home on labels like, Peace Bisquit, Radikal Records, Virgin, Warner Bros and several others. As creator of the group, House Lovers, Roby produced songs scoring international visibility & support on MTV through specialized journalistic headings. The group currently manages a broadcast network, hosted by 50 FM Italian Radio. For more than two years, they have produced the SUBWAY HOT CHART, garnering notable support & play throughout Europe. Partner of one of the most famous Web Radios in Europe, DFR Radio, Roby has worked as producer of programs and DJ Sets. Roby has gone on to create and manage a network of digital labels including, BDivision, ACT72, BWG Records, Musictracx Recordings, Elettrika Records, Poker Dust, Deep Inside and others. Roby Mannarini has over 200 active productions and remixes on vinyl and digital labels. Roby has warmed up and performed live for international artists like Joy Salinas, Jovanotti, Datura, Stefano Secchi, Emanuele Inglese, Diabolika Party, Fargetta, Molella, FPI Project, Ralf, Righeira and more.